Using Linking Words

The supporting sentences are like body sentences the topic sentence is an introductory sentence now I won’t do body paragraph 2 and I won’t do body paragraph 3 because I think you understand if we just talked about it identification if I was to say the topic sentence the topic sentence another another positive I’ll do the plan for the second body paragraph if you want to take a photo that might be quicker you’re copying this word-for-word yeah so one day you might have an essay on this and you’ll be ready I’ll just I’ll leave this you can copy that down will do the BOK will do the body the topic sentence for the second paragraph is identification. Learn more on linking words at Edusson.

So let’s think of two or three that’s going to be the topic sense we’ll talk about that let’s just think of a couple of supporting sentences about identification why is it good that school uniforms are identification why is that a good thing we can evacuate those that he or she is studying at the Deaf school you just trying to think what’s the why is it good that they’re identified that’s right yeah yeah identification the rest of society society the public the public society okay society knows they students which often means you know the police know their students so if at 11 o’clock on a Monday there are students at the train station they’re wearing uniforms the police can go excuse me shouldn’t you be at school so society notice they are students you also know maybe what school they go to so you can talk about stuff like police which says what’s the word everyone’s proud of their school there’s a sense of belonging it’s a connection to our school I’m talking about pride loyalty words like that I’m gonna get rid of this one that’s it identification and number this is a second paragraph we’ve talked about the first advantage the first positive of school uniforms they’re important linking words also called signposts also called transition signals also called discourse markers many names for the same thing.

Another advantage of school uniforms is identification first supporting sentence a school uniform the school uniform signals signals to society that those children our school students this signalling this signaling can take many forms he can tell a police officer that a truth that a student should be at school it also tells often tells which school the student belongs to this identification also is a personal thing so the first sentence is really about society that’s like the bigger picture and then we could say the second sentence is more personal it’s for the student the school uniform also signals a personal connection to a school that’s right identification there is a sense of pride or loyalty a personal connection there we go second body paragraph topic sentence supporting sentences last was the last one I forgot easy easy that’s right parents school uniforms also very practical every knows the word practical.