Supporting Sentences In The Summary

The summary is just rewording the thesis and previa this essay has shown we’re talking about the past the school uniforms have many advantages for schoolchildren these advantages include making students feel similar or the same it also lets the world know who they are and connects them to their school and lastly makes life easy for the families of the school now a comment or recommendation this is also optional this is also optional the reason you might have a comment or recommendation this is a personal personal view it shows the reader that you are thinking more deeply about the subject you can think of a comment or recommendation it’s sort of like it can be like a general statement you could say that look you got it maybe think about it the world the world is changing yes we have 7 billion people now what’s happening in the world right now is the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer there’s more of a divide you’d say something like that. Learn how to write good summary on Edusson.

It makes you look smart in a world where the divide between rich and poor is getting bigger and bigger school uniforms are one way school uniforms are one way of reminding us reminding us that we are all basically the same we are all basically the same so that could be your comment or recommendation you know if you were taking the other side schools should not have school uniforms say we pointed out three reasons why there should be no uniforms you know you could your comment or recommendation could be the opposite you know it is the year 2015 the world has changed the individual has freedom the individual has rights school uniforms something that should be left in history depends on right so there you go that’s how you write an essay an argument essay that’s what I’ll be looking for I’ll be looking for a general statement I’ll be looking for a thesis statement.

I’ll be looking for body paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting sentences I’ve been looking for a summary it’s all here it’s a good plan for the rest of your school days I’m sorry for the rest of your university days it’s an argument it’s the same if you were doing two sides you know a discussion essay problem solution you might have four body paragraphs two on the advantages to on the disadvantages the plan is basically the same whether it’s argument or it’s a two sided essay that’s it it’s just a simple plan all essays are basically that I mean there is more you can become there are more complex essays more advanced essays but that plan is the basic plan it’s like every building has four walls and a roof you know whether it’s a it’s the Burj Al Arab in Dubai or a house here in the city you know it’s got the same basic structure so the same with an essay has the same basic structure and the same of the book or anything.