Statements And Arguments In Essay

The important word argue means you choose one side yes schools should have uniforms or no schools or should not don’t give me both sides just one side please I give your opinion on this three parts of an essay introduction okay let’s just argue let’s just argue schools should have school uniforms let’s choose that side so we’re gonna do this together schools should and I’ll start with doing the introduction a general statement thesis statements so we go from general down to specific from general down to detail who can give me a general statement about school uniforms something that no one can argue something that is like a fact. Learn more about arguments in argumentative essay on Edusson.

What about if I said in most schools around the world children wear school uniforms true not all but most do you think they wear school uniforms in most schools I know in Australia most schools probably like 98% in Mongolia most children wear a school uniform in Bangladesh most in China are all in India over there we go I mean if China and India are mostly wearing school uniforms then the whole world is mostly wearing school uniforms so that’s a general statement no real argument you know what the general statement does is it introduces the topic you’re the reader or the the lecturer is the reader or you’re the reader if you’re doing reading for your course then you’re like if you’ve never seen this piece of paper before if you read that first sentence or first couple of sentences that will tell you what this essay is about that’s the idea general statement like an introduction it’s an introduction to the introduction it’s an introduction to the top so you know the Jewish state we could say all around the world children go to school every day wearing school you know this your general state all around the world to go go to school every day wearing us from uniform you could make that a bit longer if you want a bit shorter.

But to say you wanted to make it a bit longer first you can just talk about school the vast the vast majority the vast majority of children in the world go to school every day those children most of the time wear a school uniform see how we’re going from general we’re talking about schools then we can come to school uniforms you could just talk about education growing up growing up in this world people learn from an early age they learn when they are young by going to schools when they go to school they often wear a school uniform see we’re getting general to specific depends I mean your general statement might be longer if you’ve got a thousand word essay or a two thousand word or a three thousand word essay but because this is a 250 word essay I talked about it the other day five paragraphs fifty paragraphs per parent about 50 words per paragraph roughly 50 words for the introduction 50 words for the three body paragraphs fifty words for the conclusion.