Organization Of The Thesis

Make sure you have a clear thesis which if you’ve ever taken English or taken as many in those classes as I have you’ve heard that from your English professor before or your literature professor right you need to make your thesis your a claim you need to make it definite and clear and specific okay I think the key thing here is to remember that you need to be specific and clear right and you need to avoid generality and aim for simplicity let me say a little bit of word about that the notion here is that obviously that you want to simplicity is what should rule when you’re writing so for instance your syntax your structure the way in which you articulate yourself needs to be simplified. Get to know how to correctly organize your statements on Edusson.

So as to make easier for anyone reading to understand it so simplify simplify simplify this is really important but when we say simplicity we don’t mean dumbing it down right and we don’t mean the idea that it just becomes something so concrete that it’s not actually addressing the topic right simplicity means different things in different situations but what you do want to avoid is high degrees of generality unless you’re writing in general is to guess today you don’t want to just make big generalistic claims but you want to get to specifics so for instance here and imagine someone says something should be done like let’s say for instance someone’s writing an essay on cellphones and car accidents in the United States and the fact that a lot of car accidents increasingly are the result of people not paying attention to driving because they’re on their cell phone or something like this now imagine someone goes over someone writes an essay and they sort of lay out this problem they lay out the statistics.

And then they in their conclusion apparently say something should be done about this and then they go on and start talking about things well notice here that the term something should be done well something could be anything it’s so general that it doesn’t actually it’s not specific and it’s not clear what should be done because something could be anything well if anything could be done so what exactly is the proposal here so for instance another more specific and a more concrete example here that is more simple but is not just purely general listing would be first it’s if someone said cell phones should be banned while driving okay and that’s a very clear proposal that you can sink your teeth in you know what it means right off you’re not searching around trying to figure out what what the author actually is proposing so you want to make sure that your proposals are clear specific simplified in terms of their grammatical structure but also one thing is you also want to make sure that your claims are set out front so that people know immediately what the organization of your thesis is.