Optional Concluding Sentences

The introduction is like a plan once you have that introduction once you’ve done your general state your thesis statement and you preview cuz your preview is really just a plan then the rest is easy so we’ve gone from the general schoolchildren wear uniforms down to the preview which is why children should wear a uniform the actual reasons we’ve answered it in the thesis often the thesis and preview can sort of come together well there we go we’ve got one two three four five six seven eight 8:45 what’s okay this 44 words this the first 15 but this is an exam si we’re counting words is important like in males it is best to be between five and ten percent on either side of the word count there are many reasons that school clubs and should wear uniform these include quality identification these for parents every sentence supporting sentences we talked about the three parts of a body paragraph it’s all there what did I say about concluding sentences do you remember concluding sentences they’re optional. Learn more on structure of body paragraph at Edusson.

A concluding sentence the realities are the two main parts if you had done the paragraph structure unit the paragraph structure unit unit one I gave to you it says in that if you’d read it a concluding sentence is when a paragraph is by itself but part of an essay you don’t need a concluding sentence it’s nice the concluding sentence often links or connects to the next paragraph but not always because a paragraph shows to the reader that’s the end of an idea or set of ideas now we’re moving to a new set of ideas all right the topic sentence the topic sentence is the main idea the main idea is the introduction to the paragraph all right so what was the first one equality wearing a school beautiful creates a sense of equality mon whereas new uniform creates a sense of equality among students can we think of two or three ways two or three ways that equality occurs we talked about this I said rich and alright so this will just talk about the supporting sense so one supporting sentence might talk about rich and poor what’s another way that equality is it’s actually a little bit of a funny one I mean if there’s two rich kids how can they be different in their clothes the word might be is called fashionable unfashionable do you know the difference they might have the same two children might have the same amount of money but one student just has no idea about what it is what is good to wear they they don’t know what is cool one child has you know Nikes and Levi’s the other ones like doesn’t understand what is fashionable and unfashionable what is in style and what isn’t in style.

What’s another way equality rich poor fashionable unfashionable we’ll watch or what we’ll get up r1 what’s a sticker – what is it so let’s just look this is the first run reach pool so wearing school uniform creates a sense of equality among students at any school there is usually pitching language edging language there is usually children from families that’s rich and a school beautiful hides hides in his work is hiding hides differences between these rich and poor there we go there’s one supporting sentence burning school uniform creates a sense of equality among students at any school there is usually children from families that are both both rich and poor the school uniform highs differences between those rich and poor students take one supporting sentence dad have another difference the difference that can be hidden is between the fashionable and not so fashionable students what 52:53 words just there’s your first body paragraph.