How To Structure A Basic Paragraph

We’re going to talk about the five paragraph essay for those of you who are taking a high school English class or who are learning to write the five paragraph essay is one of the more basic essay structures is just designed to show that you can convey an argument in a logical and structured manner and it follows basically the same formula wherever you’re at it is not a type of writing that’s going to carry you through college or after college basically the five paragraph essay is something you learn so that you can build on that and learn more complex things in the future so this video is going to show you how to write a good five paragraph essay and once you’ve learned that you’ll be in a good position to learn more complex writing structures now before we get started just make sure you’re familiar with how to structure a basic paragraph. Learn more about paragraph structure on Edusson.

The first thing we need to do is understand the purpose of each of the five different paragraphs in the five paragraph essay they all have a different purpose if they all did the same thing it would be called a one paragraph essay so these are the five paragraphs that are common to the five paragraph essay structure and we have the intro or introduction argument one sometimes called concept one argument two sometimes called concept to the concept paragraph sometimes called concept three and then the conclusion which some people like to call the outro introduction out traduction conclusions the more common term for it though the introduction paragraph outlines the introduction to your overall essay it’s going to outline your argument here’s a good idea here’s a good structure for your introduction paragraph a good solid structure for an introduction paragraph is to itself have five sentences and in a way each of these paragraphs could have five sentences and then you have a 21 five centons five centons si it’s a pretty quick writing process right.

So let’s take a look at the five different types of sentences that go into an intro paragraph the introductory paragraph this this five sentence structure is a pretty solid way to write it your thesis or your claim those are interchangeable terms for this type of writing up at the front second sentence outlines the objective of your essay the third sentence outlines the argument you’re going to make in your essay the fourth sentence outlines the approach you will take to make your point and then the fifth sentence is going to conclude the introduction and integrate into introduced paragraph two basically the introductory paragraph is a shortened version of your entire five paragraph essay and it’s going to outline exactly what you’re going to do essays are not about surprises they’re about structure so it’s okay and in fact it’s advisable when you’re writing an essay not to surprise your audience tell them hey here’s what’s coming get ready for it.