How To Structure A Basic Paragraph

We’re going to talk about the five paragraph essay for those of you who are taking a high school English class or who are learning to write the five paragraph essay is one of the more basic essay structures is just designed to show that you can convey an argument in a logical and structured […]

Supporting Sentences In The Summary

The summary is just rewording the thesis and previa this essay has shown we’re talking about the past the school uniforms have many advantages for schoolchildren these advantages include making students feel similar or the same it also lets the world know who they are and connects them to their school and lastly makes life […]

Three Body Paragraph Essay

Every time we do a an essay the front page it says brainstorm and plan if you did this if you just spent five or ten minutes writing out a plan each body paragraph supported then you’ve got this it’s easy then you can just write it out brainstorm and plan from the first page […]

Using Linking Words

The supporting sentences are like body sentences the topic sentence is an introductory sentence now I won’t do body paragraph 2 and I won’t do body paragraph 3 because I think you understand if we just talked about it identification if I was to say the topic sentence the topic sentence another another positive I’ll […]

Optional Concluding Sentences

The introduction is like a plan once you have that introduction once you’ve done your general state your thesis statement and you preview cuz your preview is really just a plan then the rest is easy so we’ve gone from the general schoolchildren wear uniforms down to the preview which is why children should wear […]

General Statement In Argumentative Essay

Depending on the size or the length of your essay general statement can be shorter or longer but let’s just go with this one all around the world children go to school every day wearing a school uniform such a general statement in charge of introduction to the topic thesis statements thesis statements answers the […]

Statements And Arguments In Essay

The important word argue means you choose one side yes schools should have uniforms or no schools or should not don’t give me both sides just one side please I give your opinion on this three parts of an essay introduction okay let’s just argue let’s just argue schools should have school uniforms let’s choose […]

Organization Of The Thesis

Make sure you have a clear thesis which if you’ve ever taken English or taken as many in those classes as I have you’ve heard that from your English professor before or your literature professor right you need to make your thesis your a claim you need to make it definite and clear and specific […]